Please read the following before contacting Regionmax. You may find the answer to your questions below.


Q. How do I get a price listing and how do I order from you?

Regionmax only sells wholesale. If you are interested in opening business with Regionmax, please contact us at (877)498-7913 Monday through Friday 8:30am until 5:30pm PST or email us at sales@regionmax.com.


Q. Which location will you ship my order from?

Regionmax has two distribution centers serving the continental United States. All orders from the West of Mississippi River ship from our CA warehouse and all orders to the East of the Mississippi ship from our NJ warehouse.


Q. Do you ship to locations outside the US?

We do not ship to destinations outside the continental US. Please note that includes Alaska and Hawaii.


Q. What sorts of payment types do you accept?

We accept company checks, wire transfers, and credit cards However, there is a 3% convenience fee added to any order using a credit card as payment. We may offer a line of credit. Please note that Regionmax is a B to B wholesaler and we do not directly sell to end users. Please see your account representative for more information.


Q. What is your minimum order requirement? Do you offer free shipping?

We currently do not have a minimum order requirement but please note that we will only cover shipping freight if each individual shipment amounts to $3,000 or more.


Q. How many products do you carry and do you have CAPA certified products?

We currently carry over 3100 headlights, tail lights, sidemarker lights, fog lights, and other associated lamps for use in all major automobile manufacturers in the US, including a line of CAPA certified products.